Sunday, February 28, 2010

XXXVI. A plague of austere years

In the seventh gyre of the Age of the Immersed Desolation:

When a summer wind brings a plague of austere years
To snowy boderlands, ten thousand cypress boughs
Will freeze upon glass pedestals. This formidable threshold
To patrimonial fortunes of haughty merchants, unbound
By constitutional restraint, is overturned and cleansed.

The pale-faced enemy, who sold pies in the cast-down streets,
Sits on a broken turret stone, smoke rising from his clothes
Crusted with a red plaster of thick blood and wood ashes.
His sharp head is uplifted, his hair drips with black ribbons.

In the absence of liberality, all winds chasten bitter shelters
For the intact soul: houses gone, chimneys fallen amid
White wings of paper and floating particles of thin ice.


softearthart said...

Hi from New Zealand, I am keen on Angels too, cheers Marie

Eirene Kuanyin Skadhi said...

Hello, Marie. I was born in Canada but I lived most my life in California. I don't know if I'm "keen" on my angels. Sometimes I'm not sure I like them very much and I wish they had left me alone. I like soup, I like rainy days, I like my friends. These are things I'm comfortable with. I don't feel comfortable with Ga-ukogomen, Nihr Avna-attu or Tsitao-utna. Maybe I can say I like them the way I like lightning and thunderstorms, or the ocean, or wild wolves.